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Pro Life Committee

The Pro Life Committee's main event is the booth at the Scottsbluff County Fair. If interested in helping out, please contact the church office.

10 Things YOU can Do to Help the Pro-Life Cause

1. Participate in the annual Pro-Life-Chain. 

2. Volunteer - Many Pro-Life organizations rely heavily on volunteers to get their important work done. Give some time to help save lives by volunteering at the Pro-Life Booth at the County Fair or the Birthright office.

3. Use Pro-Life Address Labels - Spread the message through all your correspondence to everyone that handles and receives your mail.

4. Pray- We should never underestimate the power of prayer. Participate in the monthly rosary for Pro Life and an end to abortion.

5. Speak Out- All of us interact with many people every day from our co-workers to our family to the clerks in the stores. It is vital that when abortion or life before birth comes up that YOU present the life view. Making abortion unthinkable takes one person at a time.

6. Use Pro-Life Bumper Stickers - The number of cars an average person sees in one day is amazing. Make this dull experience a change to spread the life message.

7. Vote Pro-Life - One of the most important actions any American can take, is to vote pro-life and to help candidates that are pro-life. Take your right to vote seriously. 

8. Handout Pro-Life literature and bookmarks- Many people are "pro-choice" because they have not thought about the realities of abortion. There are many great pieces of literature and bookmarks that will help them to see the truth. 

9. Use Pro-Life Christmas cards - During a time of celebration of Christ's birth, a wonderful way to spread the good news of the gospels and the positive pro-life view is through pro-life Christmas cards. 

10. Support the Pro-Life Billboard - We are always accepting donations to support this cause. 

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    Gering, NE 69341
    PH: 308-436-2290

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