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High School Group meets on Sunday evenings, beginning in September from 5:00 PM – 6:15  PM. 

Quick Catholic Lessons with Fr. Mike Schmitz & Colin MacIver has been designed to work in both parish and school settings and to engage teens.

Book 1 features fifteen important topics:
1. Why Be Catholic and Not Just Christian? 

2. Motivation to Go to Mass

3. Why Confess My Sins to a Priest? 

4. Learning How to Love from the Bible 

5. What Is Hope and Why Do You Need It? 

6. Is it OK to Judge Someone? 

7. The Power of Prayer

8. Battle of Prayer 

9. Three Steps to Unceasing Prayer 

10. Mastering Love and Relationships 

11. The Meaning of Suffering 

12. Mortal vs. Venial Sin 

13. Talking About Suicide 

14. How to Quit Porn 

15. Avoiding Impurity  

The Quick Catholic Lessons with Fr. Mike, Volume 1 & 2 provides the space for your teens to enter in and engage with Fr. Mike's presentations, helping to reinforce the lessons given in the videos. It includes multiple-choice questions, prayers, discussion prompts, activities, take home exercises, and more. Each lesson provides a breakdown of Fr. Mike's train of thought to help them follow along with the video, multiple choice questions to ensure comprehension and retention of the material, and discussion questions that help them to apply the lesson to their own lives and talk about it with others. 

Book 2 topics:

1.  Why God Gave Us Bodies

2.  Can I Get a Tattoo?

3. Four Essentials for Catholics

4.  What Does God Want Me to Do?

5.  Tips for Praying

6.  Do Catholics Worship Saints? 

7.  What You Should Know About Purgatory

8.  Will My Pet Be in Heaven?

9.  I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts! 

10.  Confessing the Same Sins over and Over Again

11.  Why Does God let Bad Things Happen? 

13.  The Church and immigration

14.  Catholic Teaching on Contraception Explained

15.  Catholics, Alcohol, and Drinking.


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    Gering, NE 69341
    PH: 308-436-2290

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